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Epik High - Acceptance Speech

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Epik High - Acceptance Speech
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Epik High - Acceptance Speech
If you feel distant from me, don't go over it
Because I drew many lines as I hurt
I'm not being fooled anymore
Because I'm covered in blood with the blade hidden behind my smile
I've seen it countless times, different front and back
How people that are like family become something else
In the end, according to my worth
They claim their own convenience, claiming the rights they had never bought back with wounds
Even if I understand it a hundred times, I end up rejecting it only once
When I get criticized, I have no choice but to build a wall
What hurts more than my heart that keeps getting colder
Is how they leave one by one and disappear in front of me
It's okay, I'd rather be at ease
I guess this is who I really am

Are dark clouds still clouds?
When I think about it, they look like me
Is a bitter smile a smile?
Because I live in a world where there's nothing to laugh about
I did it for you

If you can hear me, nod your head
Because I'm tired of talking to myself in the air
Instead of pointing your finger at me, wave your hand
Because there's a busy way to go to stop walking

I'm worried about myself too
Standing in front of the mirror every morning
This hard-working mask that hides a poker face
After 17 years of living on this floor, I realized that my original face is more unfamiliar
Everyone is scared, I'm emotionless
You are the perpetrator who made me like this
Leeches who sucked my sweet water and abandoned me
The guys with straws in all of my fountains
I have no blood or tears
Damn right, all wrapped up in apathy
It’s a cold world, I'm the only one stripped off
Now I can be anything I wanna be
What doesn’t kill me can only make me bleed
Breathing in the mirror
I realized something when I saw my hazy face
Maybe God and the Devil
These two aren't enemies, but the dual personality of one being
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