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  • Опубликовано: 2023-12-27 12:25:26
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Текст песни
Big body barrel, you all runnin’, wanna risk this?
Keep a Glock on my side, I’ma mothafucking waste this
All for the kill, mothafucka I get to taste it
Great red dot, leave you mothafuckin' faceless
Gotta rest in piss, mothafuckas always talking, I’m the best to risk
I’ma grab them by the arm and I’ma bend this wrist
Get a demon on his body, like a exorcist

Wait, like: "Hi, nice to meet ya"
I have to show you what it means, like a preacher (Wait, wait)
Bad for bands, I swear to God all on this speech, uh
I be blowin' up, fucking blowin’ up the speaker
If you talkin’ to me, best to speak up, beat up
Mothafuckas talkin’ you get beat up
Knockers gonna heat up, you ask for morе velocity
I’m movin’ like I’m rockin’ mothafucka, I'll speed up
I will run the gamе until I take my fuckin’ feet up

I just goin' back to the bag
Mothafuckas always talkin’, mothafucka where you at?
Get a strap on my side, on my mofuckin’ lap
Go back, get all back, get a fucker, can’t relax
Get a blade in his mothafuckin’ mouth
With some mothafuckin’ toothpaste (Wait, wait)
You actin’ like you really with the mothafuckas, too fake
And I wish you could suit it, mothafucka really too fake (Wait, wait)
I’m all up in there shooting like it’s mothafuckin’ toothache
Gotta feel like I’m God in this bitch, mofucka
And I’m coming for your talk, you a bitch, mothafucka
And I’m cramming at yo wrist, you ain’t shit, mofucka
And if you going less, no rich, mofucka (Wait, wait)
If you want smoke, we blow that out the window
Shoot out this Glock and I shoot at yo kill-flow
Sign on the block without the thought of all yo info
You always want fuckers opening, it’s an inflow

This shit dead, wait
This shit dead, they got gig and with the shorty, when I tell that shit
Shit, soon I feel super imported, I gotta waste all whips
I put it now, get imported, but you really couldn’t tell that shit
But you ran out anybody, if I’m on, your block
If you all get extorted, I’ma look my thought
You can get the clips, explode it, I’ma hit his body with shelling
If you wear 'em all until, if you got a problem with me (Wait, wait)
Then you can get extorted, uh
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