Post Malone - Texas Tea

Post Malone - Texas Tea
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  • Опубликовано: 2023-08-05 15:51:11
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Текст песни

'83 Caddy with the big-square body and the wheels got tucked in
Chewin' on a cigarette, lookin' at me funny, "What the fuck you smokin'?"
Pop a Tommy collar, and I pop a couple mushies, and I let that shit soak in
Walk into the party, and my neck is on Bugatti, whole bitch got frozen

(Hah-hah, hah-hah) Got them Lucchese boots on my feet
(Hah-hah, hah-hah) Punch the gas 'til my leg falls asleep
(Hah-hah, hah-hah) And you know how it goes, ain't it sweet?
(Hah-hah, hah-hah) Texas tea (Hah-hah, hah-hah), uh, mm

Watch skeleton, baby wanna bone me
Record companies really tryna clone me
Got these motherfuckers singin' karaoke
No one's Ginuwine, but they gon' ride my pony
Show the titties off, everybody notice me
Yeah, I'm very pretty, everybody wanna see
And I'm pretty used to everybody oglin'
Now I got that bitch yodelin' in bed, I do
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